have it your way mdn web docs

an html element i'm very fond of is the dl description list element, which i use on quite a few pages "merely to create indentation" in exactly the manner you are warned not to do in the mdn web docs. by my reckoning there is only one place where i've used the dl element appropriately. finding that dl element would probably be good for a scavenger hunt on my site if i ever decide to do one. anyway, up until now, the blog page was also based off a dl element, but no longer. why the capitulation? well, first off, i noticed that the page was starting to get excessively long, and due for some trimming in one way or another.

the main reason, though, was that i noticed that for whatever reason, certain pictures i'd insert into blog posts would end up puny no matter how i put them in. this was concerning because i wanted to put some pictures of art i'd seen into a blog post, and obviously that wouldn't do. i suspected it had to do with everything being in a dl tag, and so i decided to finally ditch it.

in retrospect i am pretty sure the picture punification was not because of the dl tag at all, but either way it is fixed now. also i accidentally deleted the pictures i wanted to post in the first place. oops. in other news i messed around and made some margins bigger so hopefully writing on the site is a lot more readable now.