happy twintails day

it's 2/2, twintails day. by far the cutest hairstyle, love the damn things. anyways i just remembered like i do every couple months that i have a bunch of loose, photocopied reference sheets from the cult classic anime oretwi (俺、ツインテールになります。) buried in the bottom of a drawer, which i bought for 2000 yen at mandarake a few years back. i'm not sure if these are available anywhere on the internet, i haven't seen them myself but i haven't looked either. anyways i scanned a couple sheets of aika today just to celebrate, maybe eventually i'll scan them all or at least put all these sheets into a binder or something. also this is a good test to see if the fixes i made to the blog page make pictures show up properly now, since i didn't have any to upload before.