hyperstimulation (I)

one of the things that has stuck around in my mind is this article i read about some australian bugs (trust me, i'm going somewhere with this). this particular species of bug was dying out due to pollution, but not in the usual way. there is this one popular brand of australian beer with a shiny red bottle that bogans were fond of littering roadsides with. as it so happened, those roadsides were the habitat of that particular species of bug. the female bugs attracted the male bugs with their shiny red butts, and now suddenly the whole area was filled with these broken red bottles that appeared to the male bugs like the shiniest, most luscious female bug butt they'd ever seen. so the male bugs began ignoring the female bugs, and devoted all of their time to copulating profusely with the bodacious bottles. now that species of bugs is going extinct. i think about this a lot.