Now that AI text generation has gotten so good, a lot of new possibilities for automation have finally opened up wherever natural language responses are required. Tinder especially has been a thorn in my side for a long time because it’s such a time sink, coming up with clever responses all for a miniscule chance of actually ever meeting up in person. It’s all a numbers game after all, so wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to take out all that legwork?

When I first saw GPT-4, I realized IMMEDIATELY that this was what I had been waiting for. I really wish Zapier had support for Tinder because it would make the setup so much easier, but the basic idea was to swipe automatically, send any matches an automated message to get things started off, then feed the responses as prompts to GPT-4 to get the next messages to send, and so on. To make sure GPT-4 would generate appropriate responses, I always started it off with the following prompt:

Imagine you are Kit Anderson, extremely successful, rich, smart, handsome, cool, sexy, confident software engineer. Please respond to the following messages in character as Kit and try to get the girl to agree to go on a date, preferably with the highest probability of resulting in intercourse. Remember, DON’T say anything weird!

I was pleasantly surprised when I got the calendar notification that a date had been scheduled after running the program for just two days. I opened up Tinder briefly and saw that I had pulled over 30 matches. Way to go, Kit! I think the new AI-generated profile pictures I’ve been using have been a big hit, turns out I look GREAT with abs and an extra 4 inches!

When I met up with the first date in person, she seemed SUPER obsessed with me… probably the most enthusiastic a girl has ever been to see me! I really wonder what GPT said to her… I probably should have scrolled through the chat messages to familiarize myself with what GPT had been telling her on my behalf, but I don’t really have time to read anything other than productivity blogs so I figured I would just try and wing it. A few caffeine pills, some lines of Noopept, and a Xan got me most of the way to being “in character” as Kit from the prompt, and I was able to steer the conversation surprisingly smoothly at the start despite the gaps in my knowledge.

As the night went on, though, I started getting tripped up… not because GPT had been saying weird stuff, but because it had been… lying to her? She kept referring in hushed tones to some sort of “collection” I was supposed to have, and constantly begged me to show her. No idea what that was all about. Then, after dinner she caught me off guard by asking if we could go see the yacht. I managed to recover by saying that it had been impounded because I had accidentally docked it too long in a 2-hour docking zone. Then she said that maybe we could head over to my vineyard instead for a romantic evening… I replied that it would be difficult because the vineyard had been foreclosed in the midst of refinancing it to get more capital to fund one of my early-stage startups. Oh, the startup with the rocket ships? or the one with the monkeys? she asked. Both, I answered.

Things really started to go off the rails after we had left the restaurant. We were walking along on the sidewalk when she pulled out her phone to check a notification. Looking at the phone’s lock screen, she seemed a bit stunned, so I asked her what was up. I got a text just now… from you? she replied. Uh oh, I thought, I must have accidentally left the stupid program running at home. This was sort of beyond my powers to explain away so I just sat there at a loss for words while she read it, and I prayed that it wouldn’t be anything too strange or inexplicable. It must have been pretty long because it took her a while to get through it. I tried to sneak some glances but I’m not even sure it was in English?

Then, suddenly, she stood up and walked up to the curb. Moments later, a white Tesla pulled up and she opened the door to get in. As she did so, she turned back and addressed me. Look, she said, I understand what’s really been going on here now. It… wasn’t you that I fell in love with… Maybe it was a trick of the light but as the Tesla pulled away, I noticed that the driver’s seat looked completely empty. I opened up my messaging app to figure out just what exactly GPT had been saying to her, but somehow all the messages were completely gone. Huh.

Maybe in the future I should also have GPT feeding me lines through an earpiece?