there are many different blogging styles; some people write short daily posts reacting to news they read and whatnot, but i prefer to sporadically write long grandiose semi-autobiographical posts, occasionally integrating brief reviews of stuff i've watched recently or other short rambles as i see fit. this is so i can keep things interesting, both for me and for you, since boring writing is written bored. i won't waste time with any quotidian diary posts like "i went to the store and bought a thing", every post here will try to be at least as interesting as "i accidentally discovered a new species of crustacean" or "i went to an odd restaurant" or "i got marooned on the moon" or "dang the united inflight magazine is kinda wacky", the kind of stuff i might still be recounting/ranting about to people at a bar in ten years. everything here is guaranteed to be at least 90% true, certain details have been changed to protect individuals involved and to make me appear cooler (and my enemies less so).

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INTERSTITION: texas train

austin and dallas don't look that far away from each other on the map, but it's texas of course so they're a three-hour drive apart, or, using the standard conversion formula (multiply by 2), a six-hour amtrak ride...


seagate barracuda™ 2000 GB, 2013-2024

coming back from my recent eclipse trip, during which i left my computer at home running the entire time (seed your torrents, kids!), i discovered i could no longer access anything stored on my oldest hard drive...


photography adventures: temu $30 “world’s cheapest DSLR”

i remember six or seven years ago thinking i was some kind of elite cheapskate for knowing about aliexpress, where you could pick up all sorts of "made in china" stuff at deep discounts by cutting out the middlemen and buying direct from chinese vendors...


total eclipse over the heartland

every now and then i get a little bit restless, and i haven't gone anywhere for months, so a few weeks ago on a whim i decided to go see the eclipse...


merry canmas

the Can Situation has been on my mind for a while. i probably have close to a hundred coffee cans now...


south socal sojourn

being a full-time eccentric always comes with the danger of losing touch with common folk and becoming completely unhinged, which is why every year around the start of december i take a vacation by going to one of the most normal places in the world: southern california...


thwarting micro$oft'$ wretched attempt to $ilence me

whenever i’ve opened up microsoft word on my desktop in the past month or so, it’s displayed these menacing messages warning me that the product has been “deactivated” and that they’re going to disable "most features" on November 27th. this is quite distressing because i do nearly all of my writing in word...


rss enjoyers, rejoice

it may not look like it, but the little "status" box that was on the homepage until today was a fairly sophisticated piece of technology (well, for this website at least) and probably a little overwrought...


sayonara, japan rail pass

well, it’s not actually dead, but this is it – the end of an era. the Greatest Deal in the history of rail travel has come to an end: they just jacked up the price of the japan rail pass by a huge percentage...


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